Moving Tips

Tips To Making Your Move Successful

A successful household move begins with planning. Pay Per Load Movers of SW Florida can help lay the groundwork for a successful move with a professionally prepared moving plan that saves you time and money.

How Far Ahead to I Need to Plan?

Plan your move 4 to 6 weeks in advance to ensure you get the date of your choosing; this will also give you more flexibility if you need to change the date, and more time to get an in home estimate if you choose to do so.

The Advantages of an in Home Estimate

An in home estimate takes about 20 minutes, and we can provide you with a more detailed, accurate quote. On an in home estimate we can also offer you a flat rate price.

Sturdy Boxes

If you are packing your own boxes make sure to wrap items and pack them in sturdy boxes.

Over Packing Boxes

Do not over pack boxes! Try to put heavier items into smaller boxes, while packing lighter items into larger boxes. Boxes that are over packed could break apart while being moved, causing damage to your belongings.

Packing Dishes

Pack dishes horizontally on their side rather that stacked vertically. Wrap each piece of glass wear individually.


Disconnect all electronic equipment and pack into boxes. Computer monitors and hard drives need to be boxed up to ensure proper handling.

Labeling Boxes Properly

Label each box with the contents it contains and which room you would like it to go in your new home. This will make it easier for us to know where to put it and easier for you when it comes time to unpack.

Do I Need to Empty My Drawers?

Dresser drawers, cedar chests, file cabinets or desk drawers do not need to be emptied. We ask that you remove any fragile or valuable items from the drawers before moving.

Hardware from Furniture

Make sure to pack away all hardware that was taken off beds, cribs, or any other furniture that you have broken down in a safe place that will be easy to find when you are unpacking.

Cleaning Supplies

Pack cleaning supplies such as ammonia and bleach in separate boxes which are clearly marked for the movers to see. This will ensure that these products are moved properly and not placed near any items or furnishings that may be harmed if they spill or leak.

Propane Tank

The propane tank must be removed from the gas grill and moved by us.

Gas Powered Machines and Tools

If you are moving a gas powered item, such as a lawnmower, we ask that you remove the gas from the tank before shipping.

Personal Items

Items such as jewelry, money, prescription drugs, alcohol, car keys, cell phones, laptop computers, checkbooks, stocks and other important or sentimental paperwork, should be moved by us.

Moving Checklist

  • Boxes (small, medium, large, and specialty sizes).
  • Packing Tape (be sure to tape the top and bottom of boxes).
  • Packing Paper (white is preferred as newsprint may transfer ink onto your items).
  • Bubble Wrap (for delicate items).
  • Markers (to indicate “FRAGILE” items.) Be sure to mark each box with location for easy room placement.

We are equipped with additional boxes and packing materials that can be provided at an additional charge, even at the last minute.

Moving Day Info

On moving day, Pay Per Load Movers will arrive at your home with a team of professionally-screened employees, clean & modern moving equipment and an upbeat work ethic. While your possessions are in transit, you will have access to our moving team at all times.

When your belongings arrive at your new home, our team will carefully unload them and place them in predetermined locations. We encourage our customers to thoroughly inspect each item as it comes off the truck so we can resolve any problems in the unlikely event that an item is damaged in transit.

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